Sunday, September 1, 2013

One week old photos

Here are a few photos from when he was a week old. There were almost 200 pictures in all! These are just a few of my favorites. I made them small since there are so many. But if you click on them you will see them bigger. I love them so much!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ridley Joseph Knight

This is about 6 weeks overdue but...
He finally came! About a week after the due date.. little turd. I went in to the hospital around 9:30ish pm on thursday, June 27th. I had been having painless contractions every 5 minutes for about 24 hours. I was only 3 to 4 cm, so they had me walk around for about an hour to see if I progressed. I didn't really. So they said I could either go home, or stay and they could induce me. I was scheduled to be induced the next saturday anyway, and I knew if I went home I'd just have to go back. So we decided to stay and be induced. Which they ended up not having to do, because around midnight, (I think... not sure where all that time went..) my contractions were getting pretty bad. My mom showed up around 1am. When they checked me again I was still only 5ish cm. If I'm remembering correctly... it's all very blurry. I said to heck with this, give me an epidural! My word. Those are absolutely necessary if you ask me. I thought I wanted to try it natural, but no way. It just took way way too long. After pushing for about an hour, he was born at 8:10am on friday morning, June 28th.
7 lbs, 14 oz, 20 inches long.
He was so awake and alert and happy to be outta there!
He's definitely the cutest newborn I've ever seen, I mean am I right??

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby boy :)

The first one was from back in December when we found out the due date- June 22nd! Only 3 months away! GAH. I feel like I've been pregnant for only a month.

These next three were from last month, when we got to find out that it's a boy! YAY.

Guess he's gonna be a creeper......

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


WOW it's been a while. Almost a whole year. I'm so bad at keeping up with this... but I'm hoping to start getting better now that I've actually got something to talk about... we're expecting! Yay! I'm so excited and also really nervous. But that is all I have to say for now. Hooray for me. The end.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monster tooth

Ok I know I haven't posted in a while... but there really hasn't been much going on lately. But I thought I should share a little experience I had recently....
Well first of all, my tooth randomly started hurting. I thought, oh it's a toothache, it'll go away. But no. The next day it was a little worse... the next day it was WAY worse... and by the 4th day it had spread through the whole side of my mouth and the pain was so incredibly bad I couldn't take it anymore. Not even orajel would do anything. I mean it was extreme, CONSTANT crazy hurtyness. So that night, when I couldn't sleep, and all I could do was toss and turn and cry because it hurt so much, I just prayed and prayed that it would just let up enough so that I could sleep. Well, right after I was done, it did! The pain just faded away into nothing just like that! And I started crying again because it was so awesome. I could hardly believe it. Nothing like that had ever happened to me... so sudden like that. I kept trying to tap my tooth to see if it would hurt because it was so surreal that it just disappeared like that! It did come back a few minutes later, and I still couldn't sleep.... but just that little bit was amazing enough. Just goes to show how much Heavenly Father loves us and wants to comfort us when we're in pain, physical or emotional. Ahhhh. It was great.
So anyway, to finish the story.... I went to the dentist the next morning and it turned out to be an abscess and I had to get a root canal. Blah. It sucked. I hate going to the dentist more than anything in the world. But it doesn't hurt anymore so that's good...

In other news.... my cousin Landon and one of my high school friends got married a couple weeks ago in the Gila Valley temple. They are so perfect together! I'm so happy for them.

Also, next week, I'm going up to Utah to see my BEST FRIEND BROOKE who I haven't seen in over a whole year! I am so dang excited.

That is all.
(Me and Brooke - 2010)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hair and Things

Christmas again whaAAT?? Time is flying so fast it's crazy. Christmas comes so fast I hardly have time to get excited for it! Ah. Well anyway, the reason for this post is mostly because I got my hair cut short and decided to share. It's never NEVER been short. (Except when I was little but that doesn't count.) I've always had it long. But since I had bleached it, (it's back dark now,) the ends were just breaking and if anything my hair was getting shorter. So I had to cut it. I was so so so scared, but I'm glad I did it becuase I LOVE it! It's not styled very well... it looks better when I straighten the ends in so it's not flipped out... but here's a picture anyway. And now it's healthy again so it can start growing long! Then I'll probly cut it again because I love it short so much. Thanks to my amazing talented gorgeous crazy awesome sister Taryn for cutting it! I love it.My hair looks better in this one. It's also longer- already! It's only been about two weeks! I can't believe how fast your hair can grow when it's healthy. I can't decide whether to let it just keep growing or cuz it again. The whole point was to get it to grow, but I love it short too! Ahh.
Anyway, this was taken at my hubby's Home Depot Christmas Party. I gotta say, I should have cut HIS hair before then... hahaha. If I knew they were doing pictures I would have. Oh well. It's a good picture anyway :)
Here's a picture of us at the Christmas parade on Main Street, downtown Safford. It was kind of a lameish parade, but we had a lot of fun anyway. It was fa-REEEEZING. That's why I look kind of like a sick Roudolf. Joe looks extra cute in that beanie though..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Joe Talks

Some talkiness from Joe's sleep that I've collected over the past few months :)

Joe: Half a tiller!
Me: What?
Joe: Half a tiller. But that wouldn't work....
Me: What's a tiller?
Joe: It's like a lawnmower but with spikes that dig up the ground...
Me: Oh yeah.
Joe: So, if you cut it in half.... you would have..... half a tiller....

Joe: Blue melted.
Me: Huh?
Joe: Melted.
Me: What melted?
Jpe: Blue.
Me: Blue?
Joe: Green.
Me: Green?
Joe: *nods*
Me: The green melted?
Joe: *nods*

Joe: That's why!
Me: What's why?
Joe: To be done.
Me: What?
Joe: Never mind. I explain it every night!

Joe: Brittany, do you have splinters? Do you have splinters in your boobs?
Me: Splinters in my boobs??
Joe: Yeah, do you have splinters in your boobs? Is that why you love me?

(And this was prayer time, the night before he went to plant some grass for my parents. He was also very very very tired.)

Joe: Our Father in heaven, we're thankful fr this day, ................
Me: Joe?
Joe: Thankful fr the....... food................. the food...................
Me: *smuggling laughter* Joe?
Joe: Help me drive safe tomorr....... 'n lookit the grass........... 'n do good.............. Namuh Jeeschrismen.